We all understand that the wearing of sunglasses protect your eyes from damaging radiation and ultraviolet rays, however, that there are many other benefits to wearing shades when out in the sunlight.

Eyes R Us your Mackay Optometrist gives you a few more benefits that you may have not known:

Sunglasses Decrease Dry-Eye Problems – Dry-eye syndrome affects many people. The environment is the most telling factor. Windy environments, especially those that occur in dry climates, can easily dry out both the skin and the eyes, causing dry-eye syndrome. Wearing of Sunglasses helps protect against dry-eye syndrome by blocking the wind and dust that could gain access to your eyes.

Glare is Reduced with Sunglasses – The sun’s glare can cause damage to eyesight in general. Sunglasses allow for proper vision when you’re taking part in a high-risk task such as driving. If you wear sunglasses when you drive instead of squinting through the sunlight, you will cut down a huge amount of risks to your life and the lives of others.

Less Squinting and Eye Strain – Squinting and eye strain is caused by the glare from the sun. Did you know that squinting is not only detrimental to your eyesight but that it can also lead to wrinkles around your eyes earlier in life? When you wear sunglasses, you will decrease the amount of squinting you will do, which will allow you to see more clearly and will help your eyes to feel less tired.

Your Eyes Will Be Safe From Debris – Protective glasses and goggles are worn in several professions. Why shouldn’t you wear sunglasses on your adventures outdoors? They will aid in protecting your eyes from any harmful debris that could be flying around. Remember, injuries to your body can heal over time, but sometimes, physical damage to the eyes may never heal!

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